Culture Jamming has become so well known and wide spread that it is affecting corporate advertising.  It may not be what culture Jammers had in mind though.  Corporate ad campaigns are beginning to developed pre-jammed ads.  They are selling the idea on anti-advertising in their advertising, by jamming their own ads they give themselves the image of being counter cultural.  On Dagny Nome’s web site he discuses whether culture jamming is just becoming the new ‘current source of cool’.  With campaigns like “Image is Nothing” by Sprit, they are using the counterculture of anti-branding to actually brand their product. 

            Nome on his site mentions the Brand 0 campaign by Diesel, a pre-jammed campaign.  Nome states on his site, “Diesel jeans uses this technique in promoting itself through the fictional Brand 0. Ads within ads, a glamorous blonde is pictured on the side of a bus that is overflowing with frail-looking North Korean workers. The ad is selling “Brand 0 Diet – there’s no limit to how thin you can get”. Lifestyle brands are engaging in a frantic hunt for cool and hip when they buy reports such as the L Report, sold for $20,000 a year, which presumably reveals the current cool trends that as of yet have not been commercialized” (Nome, ).

Diesel ad

         A Diesel ad campaign that I came across several years ago was very similar.  It was pre-jammed; they introduced a campaign that depicted extremely thin, sick looking models.  Alongside the models was a list of ten things to do so you too could look like them.  Number one was ‘drink pee’ they were obviously being sarcastic.  This campaign was playing on the popular issue found in culture jamming, the concern of the representation of the women’s body to young female audiences.  Currently found on the Diesel web site is yet another pre-jammed campaign titled, “Diesel Guides to Successful Living”, check it out at,

        Dagny Nome suggests that these pre-jammed ads are in a way resulting in culture jamming working against itself.  He does suggest though how to deal with the coolness of culture jamming entering mainstream.  On his site he proposes, “The main enemy is the brands themselves. Cultural jammers seek to expose the oxymoronic nature of the brands and the working practices of the corporations they represent. Even if co-opted, this focus on brands, together with increased use of corporate branding, means that corporations are more sensitive to public opinion. Culture jamming can be a tool to serve a higher, political purpose” (Nome, ).  Therefore there is hope for culture jamming.  The messages have been received, heard and as a result the advertisers have responded.  Even if it is not the desired response we know the tactics work, all we have to do now is alter the message and go after the brands rather than the ‘the establishment’.


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