Are you: 


Got time on your hands? 

Disenchanted with consumer culture? 

Looking for a fun way to bite the hand that feeds you? 

Try culture jamming, a favoured new pastime of budding revolutionaries everywhere! Stop bitching about your culture and make it your playground, make its icons your palette. Turn all your nasty frustration into public art! You’ll be glad you did! 



One Response to “How to Jam?”

  1. Daria Kempka Says:

    Hi there,
    I started a Flickr group for spoof ads making fun of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. I called it the Campaign for Less Hypocrisy. Please join if you want to! (To find it, go to Flickr and search “Dove Campaign for Less Hypocrisy”.)
    Please drop me a note if you have questions or want to verify that I’m a real person.

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