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Both the Dove Campaign “For Real Beauty” and the Axe Effect “Bootcamp” campaign are created by the same advertising agency.  Given what each campaign stands for it is hard to take the Dove Campaign seriously when the Axe Effect campaign is so offensive and derogatory to the female population.  It is clear to see that Dove is not using the public space effectively and we believe that people should have a right to culture jam and create dialogue to inform the public of this atrocity.  We feel that an organization like Adbusters should tackle this campaign and create awareness about its fraudulent nature.            


8 Responses to “Dove Campaign verses Axe Campaign”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Where did you get the information that Axe and Dove are from the same advertising agency? Axe is from BBH and Dove is from Ogilvy…

  2. Sophie Says:

    I have no idea about agencies, but Dove and Axe are both owned by the same multinational corporation Unilever. Far more hypocritical than having the ads created by the same agency, an agency that is merely hired and has no ownership of the brands, don’t you think?

  3. Adria Says:

    Can you spell hypocrisy?

  4. Skeptical Says:

    So basically what you want is for Dove and Axe and anyone else who you think sets women back to stop appealing to popular demand? Ask and ye shall receive…the problem is, society as a whole is asking for something different. Axe is not likely to say broadcast a message of hey our product is smelly and that’s it because no one would buy it. What exactly are you trying to achieve with your message of hate? If you want women to have better self esteem and more equality, perhaps instead of scribbling out captions on ads like a bunch of thirteen year olds who just discovered spray paint, you should promote a better understanding of wellness. This includes physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual. Perhaps if women learned to love themselves, they wouldn’t need to justify themselves through assimilation with the media or with hyper-activists such as yourself. By waging war on the differences between masculine and feminine roles in society, you only serve to widen the gap. Perhaps if you put down the guns and were more open and willing to work with members from both sexes, we would be able to find a better solution. Certainly we would be taken more seriously.

  5. Vanessa Says:

    ok. this is like “which came first, the chicken or the egg” issue. i think it’s a bit simplistic to just rationalize that women should just magically have better self image and then advertising companies will stop degrading them. ask yourself why women have bad self image to begin with and your answer lies with irresponsible mass media and advertisements that engrain the image of the “ideal” woman into people brains since they’re little kids. people are socialized into receiving these messages and then figuring out whether they fit into it. and when they don’t, no wonder there’s people having eating disorders, plastic surgery, depression, etc, etc. Companies need to take responsiblity for the detriment they cause society. they are part of what forms the dominant ideologies which oppress people. don’t blame the oppressed. on top of the fact that i don’t think the post said anything about not being willing to work with men, but however, disaprroved of the depiction of women in the axe ads. it actually said nothing at all about men, only the degradation of the women…so…..???

  6. Bonni Says:

    It is even worse then the owners being the same, They received an award from the Canadian government for enhancing womyns self image. All this is, name it, corporate greed!! And if having a campaign that says REal Beauty works, so be it, its about the dollar sign people… sad but true.

  7. K-anne Says:

    I don’t think that its that bad that Axe and Dove are of the same company cause while Dove is boosting the self esteem of girls Axe is kinda doing the same thing… for guys in my opinion. Girls arent the only one with self esteem problems, guys have the problem as well. Even if its not as much as girls… anyway overall who cares? Dove is helping girls arent they? and Axe is just… Axe so w/e.

  8. Mila Says:

    Can I interview your organization for a school project?

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