Alternative media has a long and varied history and continues to thrive in today’s culture.  Alternative media allows for more engagement when compared with mainstream media.  It is meant to be a site where people are able to participate.  Furthermore, alternative media tends to be critical of how mainstream media measures its success in terms of financial means.  Alternative media is more concerned about creating a collective and non hierarchical structure in which financial interests are not at the forefront.  Overall, alternative media attempts to establish new ways of seeing and speaking of the world around us.  In order to completely grasp what alternative media entails it is a good idea to look specific examples.  One important formation of alternative media is culture jamming. 

     Culture jamming should not be confused with another prominent form of alternative media referred to as tactical media.  Culture jamming reacts to something that already exists which is often found in mainstream media and attempts to alter the original content.  Tactical media on the other hand does not think of itself as being a response or a counterattack.  Rather, it sees itself as a creative force in its own right.  At the same time both forms of alternative media acknowledge we live in a commercial society in which mainstream media denies us the right to a dialogue.  In general alternative media refuses to accept the one way flow of information present in mainstream media and attempts to take a proactive stance against mega corporations.  Essentially the resistance seen in alternative media is the irreducible other of power.



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