Here is an Always panty liners. We have noticed that in all ad’s for feminine products (pads, tampons, panty liners) that companies feel the need to disguise a womens menstral blood with a clear blue liquid. We find this offensive and creates shame for women in terms of their natural biological functions.


Our tag reads “Guess? If I am airbrushed?” I am sure everyone is aware that every female body in advertisements are airbrushed. This creates unattainable standards of the female body. We felt the need to bring this issue to the forefront.  Guess is known for their overtly sexual advertisements and with the excess of skin they feel the need to airbrush their models.


Bell Sympatico’s original ad reads “You’ll do anything to protect your kids from inappropriate content. So will we”.


Our jammed ad reads “We’ll do anything to protect your kids from the natural female body.”  The ironic thing about the original Bell Sympatico advertisement is that it is actually doing the opposite of its supposed aim.  The aim is to protect your kids from the overtly sexualized female body when in fact it is sexualizing something that is as non-sexual as the female anatomy in an educational text. 


Its good to see that Secret finally changed its tag line from “Strong enough for a man, but made for a women” to “Strong enough for a women”.  However, there newest campaign fails to demonstrate their new forward thinking. “My Secret” is their new campaign which features women confessing their inner most secrets. Unfortunatly they read as shallow and flaky as the following “My Secret. I “borrow” flowers from my neighbours yard” and “My Seccret. I send myself flowers to make my boyfriend jealous.” Clealy these lines are unfortunate because they set women back 50 or so years.  We feel this should be changed to “My Secret. I have zero self confidence” this line better portrays the campaign that Secret is trying present.      


The original advertisement reads J Lo and we feel it is appropriate to change it to “J Lo” J Lo is known fur in her fashion line. We feel as many people do that fur for fashion is a crime and essentially you are murdering animals to wear their pelts.      


Maybelline’s slogan is “Maybe she’s born with it? Maybe its Maybelline.” This suggests to women that you need to buy consumer products in order to look natural and beautiful.  We want the line to read “Maybe she doesn’t need it.”  


One Response to “Advertisements We Jammed”

  1. Soraya Says:

    I especially like the one about censorship. I live in Saudi Arabia, and the censorship on the ads and in books can be quite ridiculous. At my college, even though it’s a private college, they use markers to cover any “indecencies”. I understand that it’s for religious reasons because in Islam it’s not acceptable to show so much skin, but to cover everything like that, ruining books and artwork presented in books, is just not acceptable.

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