Adbusters is a group of activists that are fighting against corporations and want to topple the existing power.  Adbusters are at the forefront of culture jamming and have been an inspiration to us as activists.  So here is some information about them and their work.  Please visit there website for more information            

           Adbusters publishes a not-for profit magazine that is based in Vancouver British Columbia.  Which is supported by over 120, 000 subscribers and readers.  Their magazine is largely popular in the United States but does boast to have readership all over the country. Adbusters is an ecological magazine, dedicated to examining the relationship between human beings and their physical and mental environment.Adbusters work has been embraced by organizations like Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace and has been featured in hundreds of alternative and mainstream newspapers, magazines, and television and radio shows around the world (  They are also responsible for creating annual social marketing campaigns like Buy Nothing Day and TV Turnoff Week.  

           Adbusters goal much like ours is to create a world in which the economy and ecology resonate in balance. They attempt to try to coax people from spectator to participant in this quest.  They want people to get mad about corporate disinformation, injustices in the global economy, and any industry that pollutes our physical or mental commons.

calvin1.jpg Here is a popular Calvin Klien ad that Adbusters jammed

calvin klien.jpgHere is another Calvin Klien ad that Adbusters jammed. They are commenting on the unattainable image of women that fashion ads portray

absolut.jpgAdbsusters did a serious of jams on the Absolut ads. This one says “Absolut AA”

tn.jpg This Absolut ad says “Absolut Impitence” and the print states “Drink provokes the desire but takes away the performance” -William Shakespeare

abso.jpgThis ad reads “Nearly 50% of automobile fatalities are linked to alcohol. 10% of North Americans are alcoholics. A teenager sees 100,000 alcohol ads before reaching the legal drinking age”

busters.jpgThe fine print of this ad says “What was that bump?” This ad is commenting on the irreversible damage cars are having on our environment.

Here are some culture jamming videos that Adbusters have done, check them out





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  1. Timothy Epp Says:

    Hi! I’m teaching a course at York University, on Advocacy and Social Movements. One of my students is writing about media and advocacy, and would like to ask a few questions to Jammin’ Ladies about this topic. The questions could be asked in a personal interview, or by phone/fax/e-mail. The student’s paper deadline is fast approaching, please reply at your earliest convenience. Thanks for your time and consideration,

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